SF Bay Area Residential & Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

LEAP San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate

LEAP is an independent real estate brokerage (a California corporation) that handles both residential and commercial real estate transactions in San Francisco Bay Area cities. We bring seasoned transaction expertise and an extensive network of relationships to deliver a superior, high level of service for clients who value independent judgment, experience, candor and insight.

Research & Analysis

We are experts at researching both residential and commercial properties and providing you a thorough and candid analysis so you can make informed real estate decisions. We use mostly proprietary databases to obtain the best market data available.

LEAP San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate


We list your property on major residential and commercial web sites. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to stage, photograph and market our listings.

Cities Served

LEAP focuses on residential and commercial properties in cities within a one-hour driving radius from San Francisco. We transact in San Francisco, East Bay, South Bay, Peninsula and Marin and cover homes, townhouses, condominiums, commercial, industrial, office space lease, retail lease, income and 1031 Exchange properties.

LEAP San Francisco Bay Area Real Estate

Dr. Neda Pakdaman M.D.

Hillsborough homeowner

“We can’t recommend him more highly”

My husband and I spent a year searching for our ‘perfect family home” on the peninsula. We finally found it and have Armand and LEAP to thank. Armand was dedicated to learning our likes and dislikes. He honed his searches based on what he learned. In the end, he is the one who found our house, knowing what we each loved. He aggressively negotiated to be sure we were in the best position to get it in this crazy, multiple offer market.

Armand is also ethical and holds himself to a standard which benefits his clients. He diligently reviewed disclosures and warned us of red flags in a couple homes we were considering. This commitment to our best interests won us over.

We can’t recommend him more highly.

Lawrence Semenoff

Commercial Landlord
San Francisco

“He is honest, hardworking and very personable” 

Armand Der-Hacobian at LEAP works diligently to get results.  He is very knowledgeable with many contacts in the real estate business. We are very pleased with his work.   He kept us informed of progress on contacts he made giving us a weekly report. He is honest, hardworking and very personable.  I highly recommend him and look forward to working again with him in the future.

Fahri Diner

Managing Director
Sigma Partners

“I think you’re resourceful, and fast, "

I think you’re resourceful, and fast, with prejudice for action. Every startup in the city should appreciate that. Cheers, Fahri.

Sabrina Horn

San Francisco Millennium Towers homeowner

“Armand is awesome” 

Armand at LEAP is awesome. Trustworthy, smart and creative, and just a good guy.  I was selling my two bedroom two bath and had to do so before MAJOR construction began in the lot right in front of my unit, while buying a new place within a 90 day window that also had multiple offers.  Armand knows how to work a deal, he is strategic and honest.  He also is excellent at the details and tactics. I sense that he has the respect of the other brokers in the area, most certainly the broker I was dealing with. You won’t go wrong with him.

Assaf Vaknin

Managing Director
AppsFlyer Inc.

“I would wholeheartedly recommend working with him”

I was looking for a commercial lease broker and worked with multiple ones before I met Armand at LEAP.

Armand was professional, knowledgeable and always in high spirits.

Armand was fully committed to finding a space that matched our requirements and went above and beyond to make sure every detail of the deal is handled to perfection.

Finding an office in the hottest real estate market is a huge pain, but Armand made it seem like a breeze. I would wholeheartedly recommend working with him on your next real estate deal.

Carole Collins

Emeryville homeowner

“Armand completely changed our view of Bay Area Realtors” 

My husband and I were selling our farm in the Central Valley and attempting a 1031 property exchange in the Bay Area.  Armand Der-Harcobian at LEAP was recommended to us and we were privileged to work with him. The exchange would not have succeeded without Armand’s knowledge, expertise, attention to detail, and diligent persistence.  We had 45 days to locate property that would close within 180 days.  Thanks to Armand, we located a beautiful condominium and signed escrow papers in 32 days!  He kept all the agents and mortgage companies working together to make it happen, and was often sending us emails late into the evening.  Armand’s personality is the icing on the cake!  He is warm and kind and especially reassuring during stressful times.  We have referred him to several friends and hope to work with him again. Armand completely changed our view of Bay Area realtors and we wholeheartedly recommend him. Thank you Armand!

Philip Gude

Head of Sales North America

“Armand truly places his clients needs before his own”

Armand at LEAP is one of the few Real Estate Professionals I have had the pleasure of working with in the US and Globally, who truly places his Client’s needs before his own. Working in a highly competitive real estate market in San Francisco, Armand managed to help me find, negotiate and finalize a Lease on a fantastic Office Space in the Heart of San Francisco’s Financial District at a fraction of the cost other Real Estate Brokers promised to deliver. His follow up is second to none, as is his ability to stay on top of and find the best-hidden Gems when it comes to Real Estate in San Francisco. I highly recommend Armand to any Operations Executive who is looking for a highly experienced, committed and creative Real Estate Professional.

John McGee

San Francisco homeowner

“Armand advised me to walk away” 

I met Armand at an open house, and felt instantly comfortable with him and signed him up to be my broker. It turned out to be a wise decision. I was searching for a condo in one of the tightest real estate markets in San Francisco’s history. Armand kept my spirits up in a market where there was very little inventory.  I am quite picky in what I was looking for, which made the search doubly challenging. Armand never pressured me and made each day we went looking a pleasant experience. He also went the extra mile and worked some contacts to have me look at a couple condos that weren’t yet on the market, giving me more options. Actually, in desperation, I almost settled for two properties that weren’t quite up to the quality I was looking for. Thankfully Armand advised me to walk away. I saw that as a sign of integrity because he could have just done the deal and got his commission. But Armand does not want his clients to do just any deal, he wants you to do the right deal. We finally found the perfect property. I bought a brand new property at a very reasonable price. I give Leap SF five stars because of Armand’s knowledge, integrity, and professionalism.

Jason Miller

Executive, Quicken Loans

“Call Armand and he will get it done”

Armand Broker at LEAP is one of those rare-breed individuals that will blow you away with his kindness and easy going personality. He is a talented, hard-working, trustworthy Real Estate professional who handles both Residential and Commercial clients equally well. I have personally sent Armand referrals and he is quick to respond and goes above and beyond to get the job done. If you are looking for a commercial space in San Francisco or need to buy or sell a home, please call Armand and he will get it done!

Ernest Hsin Esq

Gibson Dunn & Crutcher

“The highest level of integrity and an incredible positive, upbeat attitude.”

 Armand’s commitment to his role as President of the 246 2nd Street HOA in San Francisco is already legendary among the homeowners and tenants of the building. He has been tireless, since the day he was elected to his first term, in protecting and advocating for the rights and welfare of all of the residents, going as far as personally testifying at City Hall in an effort to maintain the residential quality of the building’s surrounding neighborhood. In the time he has served as President of the HOA, I have seen him follow through on every single initiative he proposed, and keep every single promise he made, exhibiting a great deal of savvy in real estate and city planning matters at every turn. Even more impressively, he has done all of this while maintaining the highest level of integrity (never bowing to pressure from individuals or groups) and an incredibly upbeat and positive attitude. It’s no surprise to me that he has been re-elected three times as President of the HOA, as the home owners and other residents are all keenly aware that we are lucky to have a leader and advocate like Armand serving the Association. Based on my experience with Armand, and my first-hand observation of both his real estate acumen and his personal and professional integrity, I would not hesitate to use his new company LEAP to purchase residential or commercial real estate, and I would have no reservation recommending his company to others as well.”

Katherine Widener

San Francisco homeowner

“ A trusted, respected, knowledgeable and experienced professional”

I cannot begin to speak highly enough of Armand, and his genuine desire to share his experience and knowledge in the real estate market. Armand provided me exactly what I needed to contribute to a smooth and painless refinance process. Having a trusted, respected, knowledgeable, and experienced professional in your corner is invaluable, but having these qualities plus a person who naturally emits a genuine desire to see those he serves prosper is immeasurable.

Colette Retournard

Richmond Homeowner

Working with Armand at LEAP was so easy: he took the time to know us, to understand our needs and helped us each step of the way to find our new home. He was looking out for us, making sure we would not buy something that would turn out to be a liability later on. He was always there to check details, pointing out issues that we would have missed. Armand was always honest, respectful and patient. He was always present when we needed him, in person, on the phone, and via e-mails. He was there to find solutions to problems that would have stopped us from buying our house. Armand was able to deal with a seller that was difficult to work with and successfully managed to finalize the deal for our new home.

Edith Nahapetyan, MBA, CPA

San Francisco

"I felt I had a true partner who had my best interest in mind. We also had a lot of fun throughout the process"

To say that Armand is an exceptional real estate agent is not enough. Armand is a true partner that serves his clients' best interests and invests a lot of time and energy going above and beyond his call of duty as a real estate professional.

From the first few minutes that I met Armand, his openness, friendly attitude and genuine interest to help me find my dream home created that instant bond of trust and appreciation. Armand took his time to understand what was really important to me and he would not let me give up or compromise. There was a time during our search when I started to lose hope and was just about ready to settle for something my heart wasn't fully in. Thank God, Armand did not let me do that and convinced me to walk away. He knew it was just a moment, he knew it would pass and he knew that he is able to find me exactly what i wanted. And he did!! Just a few weeks later we walked together into a space that immediately felt like home and all of a sudden everything made sense.

From that point on, Armand stayed by my side every step of the way. He advised me on many aspects of home ownership, provided helpful references, communicated real time and acted upon a need instantly. I felt that I had a partner who had my best interest in mind. We also had a lot of fun throughout this process, we chatted, we laughed a lot and had a really good time. After I moved into my new home Armand and I remained in contact and Armand continues to share advice anytime I reach out to him.

I worked with other real estate agents in the past and Armand undoubtedly stands out as an exceptional professional and partner in this very important and sensitive business. Thank you, Armand, for your hard work and your personable approach!